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At Follett, our focus is on protecting the health and safety of patients, as well as those among the healthcare community at the forefront of the battle. 

COVID-19 vaccination is an important tool to help us get back to normal. Studies show that COVID-19 vaccines are effective at keeping you from getting COVID-19. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine will also help keep you from getting seriously ill even if you do get COVID-19.  Learn more about the benefits of getting vaccinated.

Medical-grade refrigerator
Medical-Grade Refrigeration

The safe storage of vaccines is a crucial component in protecting patients against this virus. Vaccines require storage within a defined temperature range, and even slight departures from recommended storage temperatures will reduce potency, which could result in inadequate immune response. Each time vaccine is exposed to excessive heat or cold, the potency deteriorates; and once potency is lost, it can never be restored. The worst case is that patients unknowingly receive a vaccine that provides no protection at all. 

Follett medical-grade refrigerators and freezers are engineered to maintain the precise temperature control you need. All are designed with forced-air refrigeration to deliver consistent cabinet-wide temperatures and quick recovery, even in heavy use conditions with multiple door openings. 

To support the COVID-19 vaccination effort, we have select vaccine refrigerators in stock and available for immediate shipment in both our east and west coast locations.  Please reach out to your local sales rep or contact us at 800-523-9361 or

Symphony Plus ice and water dispenser
Ice and Water Dispensers and Water Filtration

State and local governments across the nation are rushing to expand hospital capacity, including reopening shuttered hospitals and repurposing other large facilities, as the coronavirus continues to spread widely. Follett ice and water dispensers deliver patient-preferred, soft Chewblet® ice with industry-exclusive sanitary features. Our SensorSAFE "touchless" dispensing technology increases sanitation with no-contact dispensing and reduces the possibility of cross-contamination

Our bacterial retentive water filter system for your ice and water dispensers is validated for complete retention of challenge organisms and supports ASHRAE 188 in providing a barrier to waterborne bacteria.

Ice and water dispensers

Bacterial-retentive filtration systems


If you are faced with needing to close your foodservice facility, please follow our technical service guidelines on proper shutdown procedures