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Tytuł projektu: „Opracowanie oraz wdrożenie wzorów przemysłowych i użytkowych na innowacyjne wyroby do produkcji i dystrybucji lodu.”

Beneficjent: Follett Europe Polska Sp. z o.o.

Numer umowy o dofinansowanie projektu: UDA-POIG.04.02.00-22-011/10

Projekt jest współfinansowany ze środków Programu Operacyjnego Innowacyjna Gospodarka, 2007 - 2013, Oś priorytetowa 4: Inwestycje w innowacyjne przedsięwzięcia, Działanie 4.2 „Stymulowanie działalności B+R przedsiębiorstw oraz wsparcie w zakresie wzornictwa przemysłowego”.

Całkowity koszt realizacji Projektu :  9.103.518,00 PLN

Maksymalna kwota wydatków kwalifikowalnych:  7.461.900,00 PLN

Kwota dofinansowania Projektu: 2.984.760,00 PLN

Kwota współfinansowania ze środków europejskich:  2.537.046,00 PLN

Kwota współfinansowania ze środków w formie dotacji celowej: 447.714,00 PLN

Okres realizacji projektu: 01.01.2011 r. – 30.06.2014 r.


Ice Pro Automatic Ice Bagging and Dispensing System Offers Fast, Safe and Sanitary Ice Dispensing

Ice Pro DB650SA

Follett LLC announced a new model in their line of Ice Pro™ automatic ice bagging and dispensing systems - the Ice Pro model EDB650SA. No hands or tools touch the ice, resulting in sanitary ice transfer to just about any container: bags, ice chests, buckets, Totes™ ice carriers and carts, making Ice Pro ideal for convenience stores, supermarkets, beverage stores, marinas, dispatch centers and any other location where bagged ice is used.

Ice Pro is both cost effective and easy to operate. Bagging ice with Ice Pro typically costs 80% less than purchasing pre-packaged ice. Ice Pro's easy-to-read controls offer variable dispense times in order to fill a variety of bag or container sizes. Pins securely hold the ice bags and are adjustable to accommodate 127 mm to 254 mm (5" to 10") bags. A blower opens the bags automatically for high-volume, hands-free dispensing. Remarkably, a 2 kg (4.4 lb) bag can be filled by one person at a rate of 8 to 10 bags per minute.

The new EDB650SA model fits into an 864 mm (34") wide footprint and can be installed under a 2.4 m (8') ceiling with most icemakers. Even with its smaller footprint the Ice Pro can hold up to 295 kg (650 lbs) of ice to support high sales volumes. The Ice Pro EDB1000SA, which can hold up to 424 kg (1000 lbs) of ice, is also available for higher ice demands. Both units are designed to function at 230-240V, 50 Hz.

Learn more about Ice Pro

New Ice Transport and Storage Systems with Wider Bases

ITS with wider base

Follett LLC has expanded its line of ice storage and transport systems (ITS) with the addition of new elevated bin systems with extra-wide bases. The new models will acommodate large carts up to 737mm wide. As always, using a Follett ITS makes moving ice faster, safer and more sanitary.

  • Wider bases allow for large carts up to 838mm long x 737mm wide x 724mm high -- ideal for the meat industry
  • Gravity loading of ice saves time, eliminates shoveling and improves sanitation of ice
  • Non-corroding poly liners and hoppers eliminate pitting and staining of liner and provide exceptional durability

For additional details about our new model, download a specification sheet. For more information or to request pricing, please call Follett's Customer Service center at +48 58 78 56 140.

Learn more about ice transport and storage systems with wider bases