Maestro Chewblet 400 Series

Maestro flake ice machine on slope front bin
Compact, reliable air- and water-cooled ice machines for top mount or remote mount installations. All ice machines produce 400 lbs (181 kg) of customer-preferred Chewblet compressed nugget ice per day.

RIDE® ice machine kits

For use with Follett's Vision™ low-profile ice and beverage dispensers and most countertop ice and beverage dispensers. Learn more about RIDE

Harmony stainless steel ice machine top kits

Designed for use with countertop ice and beverage dispensers in either RIDE or top mount configurations. Stainless steel top kit sold separately.

Top mount ice machines for bin applications

The perfect compact ice machine for ice storage bins, especially Follett's 30" wide model (425-30)