7 and 15 Series Ice and Water Dispenser Features

7 Series

  • Available in countertop, undercounter and freestanding configurations
  • Countertop model fits under standard cabinets
  • Undercounter ADA model fits under 34" (864 mm) counters
  • Compact 14.6" x 22" (371 mm x 559 mm) footprint

15 Series

  • Available in countertop and freestanding configurations
  • Compact 14.6" x 23.5" (371 mm x 596.5 mm) footprint

Both Series

  • Freestanding models include base cabinet
  • Drainless design allows dispenser to be placed anywhere a water line can be run
  • Leak detection in ice machine module
  • Large 20 oz capacity, easy-to-empty drip tray with automatic alert
  • Agion® antimicrobial product protection in key ice and water contact components
  • Energy and water efficient, will use as little as one-half the electricity and one-third the water of typical undercounter ice machines found in offices
  • Energy saving sleep mode
  • Attractive, modern styling, high-quality stainless exterior with decorative plastic trim
  • Capacitive touch user interface and soft blue LED lighting of dispenser area
  • Top of dispenser can hold 35 lbs (16 kg), enough for a coffee brewer
  • For use in applications with less than 400 mg/l total dissolved solids in water (either naturally occurring or treated with reverse osmosis).  Not recommended for use with softened water.

Watch the video: 7 Series and 15 Series

For indoor use only.

7 and 15 Series is designed for commercial use. Follett is not able to provide service for residential installations.