Integrated Icemaker Bins

Integrated icemaker bin

The Follett integrated icemaker bin will produce up to 425 pounds of ice over a 24 hour period with over 90 pounds of storage. This new machine comes with a choice of Micro Chewblet or flake ice. Follett’s proprietary Chewblet ice is preferred 2:1 over cube ice.

The integrated icemaker bin can be used in a freestanding or undercounter application. At 24” wide with no side, top, or rear clearance required, it can fit into almost any foodservice operation where space is at a premium.

Built with Follett’s high performance Maestro Plus® ice machine’s stainless steel evaporator, auger, and top bearing, it is engineered to provide durability and reliability. It features an oversized, heavy-duty, and tapered roller bearing ensuring long low-maintenance life and has no noisy harvest cycles for quieter ice production.

The integrated icemaker bin comes with semi-automatic cleaning that makes maintenance a snap. Regular self-flushing improves the quality of ice and reduces scale. The ice machine uses 25% less energy and 40% less water than comparable capacity cube machines.

The integrated icemaker bin is designed for easy installation and maintenance. The bin shroud may be removed for service and installation. The rear is recessed to allow for easy utility hookup. With bin shroud removed, utility hookups may be accessed even in undercounter applications with no side clearance.

Unit comes standard with 6" bullet legs for freestanding application and Teflon feet for undercounter installations. Care must be taken to locate the machine in close proximity to a drain. For undercounter installs, floor drain must be within 6'. In freestanding applications, 8" drain height allows for much greater drain runs.