Follett Chewblet Ice Machines with RIDE Technology

The Horizon™ Series … 1000 to 1650 lbs (471 to 717 kg)

  • With RIDE® technology, pushes ice from the machine up to 75 ft away, sanitarily
  • Can produce Chewblet® ice (5/8" x 1") and new smaller Micro Chewblet ice (5/8" x 3/8")
  • Leverages horizontal evaporator and novel auger design for reduced bearing loads resulting in longer life
  • Automated self-flushing reduces scale build-up for improved reliability

See Horizon ice machines

The Maestro™ Series … 400 lbs (181 kg)

  • With RIDE technology, pushes ice from the machine up to 20 ft away, sanitarily
  • Produces customer-preferred Chewblet ice
  • Machined jacketed evaporator 30% more efficient than wrapped evaporators - means more production in a smaller footprint
  • Advanced auger design reduces bearing loads for longer life

See Maestro ice machines