Reduce Your Operating Costs

Follett products are designed to be reliable, save energy and save labor

Horizon ice machine
  • Automatic self flushing keeps machine in top running condition
  • Push button cleaning cuts cleaning and sanitizing time in half
  • Easy enough for in-house maintenance personnel to clean
  • Advanced auger design reduces operating loads by 80% for long machine life
  • Eliminates the need for periodic bearing inspection or replacement
  • Three years parts and labor warranty covers entire machine

Efficient ice machine reduces utility consumption to reduce costs and help the environment

  • Uses 30% less water than cube-style machines
  • Contributes to LEED water use reduction credits (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • Uses less electricity than most cube machines of similar size
  • Qualifies for California energy rebates

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Use less labor to get ice where you need it

Ice DevIce with model
  • Moving ice using ice Totes™ and carts with Follett's upright bins is 4 times faster than using traditional pickle buckets carried by hand
  • Stepping up to gravity dispense Ice•DevIce™ is 7 times faster than scooping ice by hand
  • For high volume applications with ITS and 240 lb SmartCART, transporting ice is 15 times faster

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