Follett 7 and 15 Series Ice Dispensers Now Available with Sparkling Water

15 Series Dispensing Sparkling Water
April, 2017.  Follett LLC announced the immediate availability of a sparkling water option for their popular 7 and 15 Series ice and water dispensers.

"Follett is excited to be offering the latest amenity of sparkling water in an all-in-one, chilled still water, and chilled sparkling water dispenser," according to Mike Purcell, Product Marketing Manager for ice and water dispensers at Follett. "There's a big trend away from soft drinks toward more healthful beverages, and Follett's unique combination of consumer-preferred, chewable Chewblet® ice and sparkling water is a delicious combination for people looking for a satisfying, healthy alternative to sugary sodas."

Follett's line-up of ice and sparkling water dispensers includes countertop and freestanding models. All are available with either 7 or 15 lbs of ice storage in dispensers that produce up to 125 lbs of Chewblet ice per day in addition to dispensing chilled sparkling or chilled still water. All models share the additional unique feature of not requiring a drain, making them perfect for installation in a wide variety of settings, including locations where no drain is available.

Healthcare’s most advanced upright refrigerators and freezers

REF25-PH touchscreen control closeup
February, 2017 - Follett LLC, an industry leader in medical-grade refrigerators and freezers, announces the release of an enhanced feature set in all of its upright refrigerators and freezers.  The new touchscreen control package puts every essential feature at your fingertips – from data collection and alarms, to an electronic locking system.

The 7” intuitive, full-color capacitive touchscreen user interface, now standard on all full-size refrigerators and freezers, offers value-added, next generation features that are both smart and beautiful. Designed to enhance data management and product protection, the new user interface features data and event recording with on-screen display and graphing, as well as USB data export capabilities.  

Backed by Follett’s long-standing commitment to superior service and support, Follett refrigerators and freezers deliver the ultimate in overall reliability and temperature control.  These high-performance units feature a back-plenum air distribution system, the industry's most advanced airflow design, to deliver superior temperature consistency at all levels in the cabinet, even when heavily loaded with product. A powerful, all-in-one top-mounted modular refrigeration unit increases the useable storage space while providing the performance needed for critical product storage.  The modular design also simplifies any maintenance since the refrigeration system can be removed without disrupting the contents and internal temperature of the refrigerator.
“The advanced user interface of our new upright refrigerator and freezer delivers the high performance features and exceptional reliability required by the healthcare industry for critical product storage,” states Gary Gutman, Director of US Healthcare Sales.

Follett Corporation to be Acquired by Middleby Corporation

May 18, 2016. Follett Corporation announces its intention to be acquired by The Middleby Corporation, a $2 billion global leader in the foodservice equipment industry. Headquartered in Easton, PA, Follett is a leading manufacturer of ice machines, ice and water dispensing equipment, ice storage and transport products, and medical-grade refrigeration products for the foodservice and healthcare industries.

“We are excited to be part of the Middleby family,” said Steve Follett, President and CEO of Follett. “Follett has been experiencing significant growth, adding over 150 jobs in the Lehigh Valley and over 185 jobs worldwide since 2011. As our board of directors considered our strategic direction, we concluded that a partnership with The Middleby Corporation was in the best interest of our employees and shareholders. Middleby owns many of the premier brands in commercial foodservice equipment and allows their acquired companies to operate in a largely autonomous manner. This creates continued growth opportunities for our employees at our operations in the Lehigh Valley, Gdansk, Poland, and in field sales locations.”

“Follett is a highly-respected, industry-leading brand in foodservice and healthcare markets with a long-standing reputation for offering innovative, value-added products,” said Selim Bassoul, CEO of Middleby. “Their products complement existing Middleby brands in a number of domestic and international market niches.”

The acquisition is expected to close by the end of May.

The Middleby Corporation is a global leader in the foodservice equipment industry. The company develops, manufactures, markets and services a broad line of equipment used in the commercial foodservice, food processing, and residential kitchen equipment industries. The company's leading equipment brands serving the commercial foodservice industry include Anets®, Beech®, Blodgett®, Blodgett Combi®, Blodgett Range®, Bloomfield®, Britannia®, Carter-Hoffmann®, Celfrost®, Concordia®, CookTek®, CTX®, Desmon®, Doyon®, Eswood®, Follett®, FriFri®, Giga®, Goldstein®, Holman®, Houno®, IMC®, Induc®, Jade®, Lang®, Lincat®, MagiKitch'n®, Market Forge®, Marsal®, Middleby Marshall®, MPC©, Nieco®, Nu-Vu®, PerfectFry®, Pitco Frialator®, Southbend®, Star®, Toastmaster®, TurboChef®, Wells® and Wunder-Bar®. The company’s leading equipment brands serving the food processing industry include Alkar®, Armor Inox®, Auto-Bake®, Baker Thermal Solutions®, Cozzini®, Danfotech®, Drake®, Maurer-Atmos®, MP Equipment®, RapidPak®, Spooner Vicars®, Stewart Systems® and Thurne®. The company’s leading equipment brands serving the residential kitchen industry include AGA®, AGA Cookshop®, Brigade®, Divertimenti®, Falcon®, Fired Earth®, Grange®, Heartland®, La Cornue®, Leisure Sinks®, Lynx®, Marvel®, Mercury®, Rangemaster®, Rayburn®, Redfyre®, Sedona®, Stanley®, Turbochef®, U-Line® and Viking®.

The Middleby Corporation was named a Fortune Magazine’s Fastest Growing Company in 2014 and 2015. For more information about The Middleby Corporation and the company brands, please visit

Revolutionary scale-inhibiting design significantly reduces operating costs and saves water

Horizon Elite 1010/1410 self contained

May 2016. Easton, PA – Follett Corporation is excited to announce the launch of its new award-winning Horizon Elite™ ice machines. Horizon Elite 1010 and 1410 series Chewblet® ice machines have a revolutionary new water management design that offers foodservice operators a low cost of ownership and superior performance even in the most challenging water conditions. Horizon Elite’s design dramatically reduces scale build up in ice machines and the associated costs of scale mitigation, all while remaining very water efficient.

“Horizon Elite Chewblet ice machines incorporate breakthrough technology that takes ice machines to the next level of performance,” according to President and CEO Steve Follett. “In scale-prone waters, Horizon Elite ice machines can save operators significant cost by doubling or tripling the time between required cleaning and descaling, and they can use less than half the water required by similar sized cube-type ice machines. With an overall decrease in both water availability and water quality across the country, Horizon Elite represents a huge win for operators and for the industry.”

The benefits of this innovative design have already been recognized by major industry associations. National Restaurant Association (NRA) awarded Horizon Elite a 2016 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award and the Foodservice Consultants International Society (FCSI) named Horizon Elite its runner-up as 2016 FCSI Product of the Year.

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Factory-installed water filter systems now available in Follett Symphony Plus® base stands

IWD Base stand

March 2015. Follett Corporation announced today the availability of new base stand options for the popular Symphony Plus ice and water dispensers. The new base stands feature factory installed and plumbed filter systems so the installer needs only to make the external connections for water and electricity.

"We get regular requests to pre-install Follett filter systems into our base units," according to Gary Gutman, Director of US Healthcare Sales. "This makes life a lot easier for the end user. It cuts down on the onsite installation time by approximately an hour, makes the filters easy to access at the front of the base unit, and eliminates the need to mount the filters on a wall behind the unit.

The three water filtration systems currently available are the standard capacity carbon system, a high capacity carbon system, and a high capacity carbonless system. All systems filter particles down to 0.5 micron to help extend the life and efficiency of the machines. The two carbon systems also remove chlorine, off tastes, and odors, while the carbonless system allows chlorine and chloramines from municipal water supplies to pass through, helping to inhibit bacteria growth.

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