Countertop Symphony Ice and Water Dispenser Accessories

Chilled Water Option

Chilled water accessory package delivers refreshing, chilled water, rather than warm ambient water for customers wanting water only without ice. Ice from storage area chills water to below 40° F (4.4° C) for maximum customer satisfaction.

Item #AFH2OCHIL2550
Chilled water accessory package for 25 or 50 series (not available on "CI" and "HI" models)

Item #AFH2OCHIL110
Chilled water accessory package for 110 series

Water Filter Systems

Filter system

Water filter systems for use with Horizon™ and Maestro™ ice machines and Symphony™ ice and water dispensers. System includes pre-filter, primary filter(s), pressure gauge and wall mounting bracket.

Standard Capacity
Item #00130229

  • For all Symphony ice and water dispensers and Maestro Chewblet ice and flake ice machines
  • Provides 11,356 liters (3,000 gallons) of filtration

High Capacity
Item #00978957

  • For all Follett ice machines and ice and water dispensers
  • Provides 56,781 liters (15,000 gallons) of filtration

Replacement Cartridges

Primary filter, standard capacity
Item #00954297
Carton quantity: 6
Item #00130245
Single filter: each

Primary filter, high capacity
Item #00978973
Carton quantity: 6
Item #00978965
Single filter: each

Item #00954305
Carton quantity: 12
Item #00130211
Single filter: each

SafeCLEAN ice machine cleaner

SafeCLEAN ice machine cleaner
Organic formula destroys ice machine scale to extend ice machine life and improve efficiency.  Won't harm the rubber, plastic or metal in Follett ice machines when used as directed. 
  • Three times the scale dissolving power of ordinary citric acid
  • Works without noxious fumes, ruined clothing or burns
  • Can be stored and handled without the concerns associated with other acid-based cleaners
  • All natural, non-toxic, biodegradable; safe to pour down drains
  • Contains no phosphorus
  • Solid granules are easy to use; just mix with hot water, no measuring required. 
Item #00132001
Carton of 24 x 7 oz packets
Each packet makes one gallon

Leg Kits

4" (102 mm) leg kit for 12 Series countertop CI models

Item #00188417
4" (102 mm) leg kit for 25 and 50 Series countertop CI models

Base Stand

12 Series ice and water dispenser on base stand
Stainless steel base stand accessory transforms Follett countertop dispensers with integral ice machines into freestanding dispensers that can be used with most wall drains without the need for a condensate pump.

For 12 series dispensers

For 25 and 50 series CT and CI model dispensers

For 110 series dispensers