All About Ice

cup of ice and water with lemon

Ice plays an integral role in the foodservice, hospitality, supermarket and healthcare industries. It cools our carbonated beverages and bar drinks. It keeps supermarket fish and produce fresh and appetizing. It supports hospital patient care and rehabilitation therapies. Every facility mentioned above has at least one ice machine, ice storage bin, or ice dispenser.

Selecting the right type of ice and equipment can greatly impact both the efficiency of day-to-day operations and the facility’s bottom line. Because of this we have put together this All About Ice guide. While it is not all‑inclusive, we hope it will help you select the right size and type of equipment to best meet the needs of your operation. Background information on how the equipment works, utility and sanitation considerations and applications for this equipment in a variety of foodservice, healthcare and hospitality segments are also included.

Selection Strategies

To select the system that will best meet your specific needs you should:

  • Select the type of ice that best meets your application needs
  • Determine how much capacity you will need
  • Select the type of equipment that meets your labor, sanitation, and safety strategies
  • Determine which manufacturer(s) offer(s) the features required
  • Compare price, warranty, life cycle costs and manufacturer’s reputation to select the equipment that will give you the best value for your needs

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