Sanitation Issues

"Food safety is our number one priority" is a common mantra for foodservice operators. But what about ice, often referred to as the "forgotten food?" Ice can be contaminated when employees handle it through direct or indirect contact with human hands or other unclean surfaces. Making food safety a priority means not overlooking the sanitary aspect of the forgotten food!

Sanitation has been a guiding principle in Follett's development of ice production and ice management equipment. Follett's line of products will help you make and deliver safe, sanitary ice for your customers or employees.

  • First in, first out bins that reduce the length of time that ice is in a bin
  • Gravity dispensing that replaces scooping by hand
  • Dedicated containers that won't nest and are not used for other purposes
  • Ice machines that transport the ice for you (up to 75 ft away from the ice machine) to completely eliminate employee contact