ENERGY STAR Qualified Products

The following Follett ice machines and ice-only dispensers are ENERGY STAR® certified.

Ice Machines

Series Models
700 Series
HCC700A, HMC700A, HCD700A, HMD700A, HCD700N, HMD700N, HCD700R, HMD700R
Horizon Elite
1010 Series
HCC1010A, HMC1010A, HCD1010N, HMD1010N, HCD1010R, HMD1010R, HCF1010R, HMF1010R
Horizon Elite
1410 Series
HCC1410A, HMC1410A, HCD1410N, HMD1410N, HCD1410R, HMD1410R, HCF1410R, HMF1410R
1650 Series
HCD1650N, HMD1650N, HCD1650R, HMD1650R, HCF1650R, HMF1650R
Maestro Plus
425 Series

 Ice-Only Dispensers*

Series Models
7 Series 7CI100A-NW, 7FS100A-NW, 7UC100A-NW, 7UD100A-NW
15 Series 15CI100A-NW, 15FS100A-NW
Symphony Plus 25CI425A-SI, 25CI425A-LI, 25HI425A-SI
50CI425A-SI, 50CI425A-LI, 50HI425A-SI
110CT425A-SI, 110CT425A-LI, 110FB425A-SI, 110FB425A-LI


*ENERGY STAR certification applies only to ice-only dispensers. While the ice and water dispensers have the same efficient icemakers and refrigeration systems with the same ice machine electrical and water consumption as their complementary ice-only models, there is no ENERGY STAR category for ice and water dispensers at this time.

ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks owned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency