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In our quest to reach out to the architect and design community, we would like to introduce you our 7 and 15 Series and Symphony Plus ice and water dispensers for the workplace break room as well as their benefits to promote better health, sustainability, and employee refreshment.

Founded in 1948, the Follett specializes in manufacturing ice bins, ice makers, ice and water dispensers and beverage dispenser for the foodservice industry as well as ice and water dispensers and refrigerators and freezers for the healthcare industry. Our ice and water dispensers account for nearly 60% of the market in hospital patient care. Our name has been synonymous with quality by providing “innovative solutions inspired by ice” to our customers. Follett’s headquarters and factory are located in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Understanding that A&D professionals are required to complete continuing education courses each year, we are pleased to offer an AIA CES approved course entitled The Workplace Break Room & Ice and Water Dispensers.  Please click on the link below to access the outline of the course and instructions to schedule a presentation at your firm.

Continuing education course outline
Continuing education course via Distance Learning

To access our library of resources including product literature, specifications sheets and Revit files, please use the links below.

7 and 15 Series Ice & Water Dispenser Literature
Symphony Plus Ice & Water Dispenser Literature
7 and 15 Series Ice & Water Dispenser Specification Sheets
Symphony Plus Ice & Water Dispensers Specification Sheets
REVIT file for 7 and 15 Series Ice and Water Dispensers
REVIT Symphony Plus Ice and Water Dispensers

Thank you for considering Follett equipment and look forward to providing assistance in your current and future projects.

For more information, contact us at [email protected].