Ice Storage and Transport


Elevated ice storage bins with gravity-assist dispensing and SmartCART ice transport carts
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Ice Storage and Transport System

Elevated ice storage bins, with gravity-assist dispensing and choice of one, two, or three SmartCART ice transport carts
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Upright Ice Storage Bin

Upright ice storage bins featuring SmartGATE ice shield and access doors at bottom of bin
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Slope Front Ice Storage Bin

Four models for smallest ice storage needs with capacities from 430 to 1030 lbs (195 to 467 kg)
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Integrated Icemaker Bins

Integrated icemaker

Integrated ice machine with bin. Up to 425 lb (193 kg) of production and 80 lb (41 kg) of storage capacity
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Ice Transport Carts

SmartCART ice carts eliminate dangerous, messy, unsanitary ice buckets - quickly and safely transport from 75 to 240 lbs (34 to 109 kg) of ice
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