Give Your Customers Chewblet Ice

Drive more sales of high profit fountain drinks with Chewblet ice

What is Chewblet® ice?

  • Uniformly shaped pieces of chewable compressed nugget ice
  • Higher in quality than other nugget ice and more reliably dispensed

Recent surveys show that over 70% of consumers prefer Chewblet ice*

  • Up to 55% of customers will buy more fountain drinks with Chewblet ice
  • Over 50% surveyed like to chew ice
  • Many consumers will actually go out of their way to get Chewblet ice
  • With profit margins of more than 50%, increased fountain sales will greatly increase store profits
  • Chewblet ice is perfect for use with beverage walls and flavor choice systems

Attract teen and young adult consumers to build lifelong relationships

  • Market studies show a strong preference for Chewblet ice among this group
  • Chewblet ice can be used with gourmet iced coffee and iced tea — especially popular with teens and young adults
  • One in five U.S. consumers overall (20 percent) drink coffee, jumping to 38 percent among those aged 18-24
  • Add Chewblet ice and lock in these customers

* Based on customer intercept studies conducted across the United States. Contact Follett for details

customer enjoying a beverage with Chewblet ice