Create An Upscale Beverage Station

Follett can help you provide a better experience for your customer by providing the right environment at your fountain area.

Attractive Appearance

When deciding on an ice and beverage dispenser, you can choose an obtrusive countertop model, or go with a low profile undercounter dispenser, like Follett's Vision™. The low profile of the Vision is particularly beneficial in keeping sight lines open in island applications. The sleek, attractive appearance is sure to improve the looks of any fountain area.

Adding Ice

Whether or not you choose a Vision undercounter dispenser, you still need to fill the dispenser with ice. As a safe and sanitary alternative to manually filling dispensers, many operators choose to automatically fill their dispensers. But adding the ice machine usually means installing the big, bulky unit on top of the beverage dispenser.  Not only does the ice machine cut down on sight lines, but it adds heat and noise from the compressor as well as during harvest cycles when ice is often heard falling into the dispenser. 

RIDE® Remote Ice Delivery Equipment For A Better Fountain Experience

But there is a way to automatically fill your beverage dispenser with ice and avoid having the unsightly, noisy ice machine in your fountain area.  Follett's Horizon Elite™ ice machines with our exclusive RIDE technology can automatically fill your dispenser from a remote location. It can be mounted in a back room or under a counter, providing your customer with a better experience in your fountain area.