Make Your Restaurant Safer

Follett's equipment is designed to make your facility safe for your employees AND your guests. Here are just a few of the ways you can improve the safety of your location.

Better ergonomics

Slope front bins require workers to bend all the way down into the bin to reach ice at the bottom or to clean the bin. Follett's upright storage bins allow easy access to ice through the front door, so there's no bending and scooping. Their ergonomic designs are less taxing on the back, which means less back strain for your staff.

person bending into slope front bin to scoop ice

Prevent slips and falls

Scooping ice from a bin into a bucket or tote can spill ice on the floor and create the potential for slips and falls by staff or customers. Moving up to the Ice•DevIce™ and ITS can reduce or eliminate scooping. In addition, wheeled carts keep your employees from hand-carrying heavy buckets of ice long distances in your facility. Fewer spills mean less ice for workers and guests to slip on.

illustration of person slipping on wet floor

Load dispensers more safely

Manual filling of ice and beverage dispensers can mean climbing on ladders or stools to get to the top of countertop ice and beverage dispensers. Not so with Follett's Vision™ undercounter dispensers, which can be loaded at waist height.

manually loading ice into Vision ice and beverage dispenser

Stop moving ice

The ultimate in safe ice transport is Follett's RIDE® remote ice delivery equipment. Why transport ice when Horizon Elite™ can do it for you automatically? Horizon series ice machines can deliver ice through a tube up to 75 ft away, and with Ice Manager™ diverter valve system, one Horizon series ice machine can fill two dispensers.

ice machine filling beverage dispenser and ice storage bin