Increase your profits on bagged ice

Follett's Ice Pro™ bagging system is one of the best investments you can make!

Buying pre-bagged ice?

  • Save $1000 per year if you buy 250 8 lb bags per week
  • Costs about 20¢ per bag to make
  • Reliable supply — even on holiday weekends when your ice supplier can't deliver enough ice

Manually bagging ice? 

  • 85% faster than manually bagging ice (6-8 bags per minute)
  • No bending into bins or messy scooping - reduce injury and potential slips and falls

More profit ideas

  • Run promotions on bagged ice that drive packaged beverage sales - and still make money on ice
  • Combine Ice Pro™ with a Follett Horizon™ or Horizon Elite™ ice machine to sell premium Chewblet® ice in bags

Sanitary and flexible

  • Fresh, clean ice, untouched by human hands
  • Flexible — use a cube ice machine or Horizon series Chewblet ice machine