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Maestro Plus ice machine bin


Maestro Plus ice machine bins offer consumer-preferred Micro Chewblet ice or flake ice. Perfect for space limited facilities. Provide the capacity you need in a small footprint.

Product Details

Production: 425 lbs (193.0 kg)

Ice Type: Micro Chewblet and flake

Width: 23.5" (59.7 cm)

Condenser Type: Self-contained air and water-cooled

IMDV Capable: No

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Specification Sheet

Specification for Maestro Plus ice machine bin for foodservice applications

Form# 6785
Revision Date: 12/1/18


Follett's full line product brochure for foodservice applications

Form# 8300
Revision Date: 9/1/18

Follett's full line product brochure for foodservice applications (Spanish)

Form# 8300_SPA
Revision Date: 12/1/18

Maestro Plus ice machine bin for food service applications

Form# 6765
Revision Date: 11/1/18

Price List

2019 price list - USD. Effective January 1, 2019.

Form# 4025
Revision Date: 3/21/19


Follett challenged the perception that nugget ice melts faster than cube ice and therefore doesn't cool drinks as well. We filled two cups with ice, added soda, and watched them melt. The result? Consumers filling cups with ice and then adding fountain soda will see similar ice melting time from Chewblet ice as from cube ice.

Technical Documentation

Service Manual

Installation, operation and service manual

Form# 01083237R01
Revision Date: 6/1/15


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