Redefining the premium ice machine

The new ice and water dispensers with cutting edge refinements that build upon the market-leading features of the original 7 and 15 Series

7 and 15 Series Champion on counter
Cleaner. Easier. Better.
  • Delivering up to 100 lb daily production of preferred Chewblet nugget ice
  • Designed to serve up to 50 people (Champion 7) or 75 people (Champion 15)
  • Sleek, stylish appearance, compact size
Hot tea in a clear mug
Optional hot water adds more drink options
  • Adds hot water option to this customer preferred Chewblet ice dispenser
  • Perfect for hot teas, hot chocolate, oatmeal, and even instant meals like soups and noodles
Follett dispenser with antimicrobial SHIELD logo
Antimicrobial SHIELD provides a suite of sanitation features
  • Internal UV light improves cleanliness of water reservoir
  • Touch-free dispensing
  • Agion silver-based antimicrobial product protection of key ice and water contact components
user interface screen of Champion model
Upgraded 4.3" touchscreen with advanced diagnostics
  • Advanced alerts and self-diagnostics
  • On-screen ice machine cleaning and sanitizing instructions
  • Self-help menu support
  • User-selectable language in English, Spanish, and French
  • Component performance data available to servicers for quick and accurate diagnosis
  • IoT ready for remote diagnostics to maximize uptime (separate subscription required)
Claris filter in Champion unit
Ion-exchange filter for scale building

Claris ion exchange scale-inhibiting filters factory supplied for optimum performance

  • Factory supplied for optimum performance in most water conditions
  • Increases length in between cleanings
  • Improves equipment life
  • Models with no filter are available only for applications with RO or ion exchange filtration already in place
Champion freestanding unit in hallway with female model in background
Still drainless, easy to install
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Two easy connections - electric and push-in water connection
  • Drainless design allows dispenser to be placed anywhere a water line can be run and eliminates the cost of a drain installation
NSF and UL logos
Champion meets certifications essential for any commercial ice machine
  • Requirements that no foodservice facility would be without
  • Should also be essential certifications for workplace facilities
  • Meets all food-grade NSF 12 requirements for ice machines, and UL 60335, an upgraded, more comprehensive standard
  • Both help protect against liability by producing safe, clean ice for your workplace
close up of Champion drip tray being removed
Improved reliability
  • Low voltage condenser fan
  • Low voltage water valves
  • More robust drip tray sensor configuration that moves the sensor terminals further apart to avoid errant signals
  • Commercial grade components
Follett 75th anniversary logo
Follett has manufactured in the USA for over 75 years with products that
  • feature industry-leading commercial reliability
  • dedicated service network
  • readily available parts
  • have a longer lasting, lower lifetime cost of ownership