Ice Transport Carts

Important labor savings, safety and sanitation

Eliminate dangerous, messy, unsanitary ice buckets.  Follett's complete line of SmartCART™ ice transport carts quickly and safely transports from 74 to 240 lbs (34 to 109 kg) of ice.  Ice Totes™ eliminate shoveling of ice from the cart and limit lifted weight to 25 lbs (11 kg).  All carts roll easily over safety mats and uneven floors.  See our compatibility chart to select the right cart for your storage bin.

Increased employee satisfaction less risk of injuries

Transporting ice doesn't have to be a difficult job.  Your employees will appreciate the convenience and safety of using carts to move ice.  Plus, it helps to minize the risk of back injuries that account for 30% of foodservice injuries1 and cost employers more than $10,000 in direct costs.

Fresher, cleaner ice

SmartCART systems are dedicated for ice use only so there’s less potential for ice contamination. Closed lids on all carts reduce the risk of airborne contamination.  The self-draining features eliminates standing water in carts.
SmartCART 75
SmartCART 75
Perfect for moving small quantities of ice to manually fill storage receptacles.  Includes 3 ice Totes.

Item #00112771
Capacity 75 lbs (34 kg)
21.5" W x 34" D x 39" H (547 x 801 x 991 mm)
Shipping wt - 53 lbs
SmartCART 125
SmartCART 125
Fully insulated poly and flip-up lid makes an excellent working cart for portable bars.

Item #LSC125
Capacity 125 lbs (57 kg)
21.5" W x 34" D x 39" H (547 x 801 x 991 mm)
Shipping wt - 60 lbs
SmartCART 240
SmartCART 240
Fully insulated poly with removable lid. 

Capacity 240 lbs (109 kg)
24.25" W x 41.5" D x 35.75" H (616 x 1054 x 908 mm)
Shipping wt - 75 lbs
Cambro ICS125L Cart
Cambro ICS124L Ice Cart
Full insulated poly with slide back lid.  Perfect for sliding under bars.

Item #ICS125L
Capacity 125 lbs (57 kg)
23" W x 31.25" D x 29.25" H (585 x 801 x 743 mm)
Shipping wt - 70 lbs