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Specification Sheet

Double door Ice DevIce ice storage and dispensing systems (Italian)
Ice Storage and transport systems with SmartGATE ice shield (French)
Ice Pro DB650 automatic ice bagging and dispensing system
Ice Pro DB1000 automatic ice bagging and dispensing system (French)
Vision EVU155N Series ice and water dispenser

Specifications for EVU155N ice and chilled water dispenser

Form# 6975
Revision Date: 12/1/19
Double door upright Ice Storage Bins with SmartGATE Ice Shield (Polish)
Single bay ice storage and transport systems - E-ITS series
Horizon Elite self-contained 710 series Chewblet ice machine

Specifications for Horizon Elite 710 series air-cooled ice machines

Form# 8225
Revision Date: 9/1/21
E7 Series countertop and freestanding ice and water dispensers (Spanish)
VIP ECO Series Ultra-low temperature upright freezer - 29.8 cu ft capacity

Specifications for FZR29-ULT-115 VIP ECO Series -86C ultra-low temperature upright freezer

Form# 12601
Revision Date: 2/12/21


Upright ice storage bin vs slope front bins

What are the advantages of choosing a Follett upright ice storage bin over a slope front bin? You can give your customers cleaner, safer ice while saving valuable floor space.

Ice Storage and Transport vs other bins

Why choose a Ice Storage and Transport System (ITS)? Faster and safer ice dispensing. Non-mechanical ITS uses gravity to move ice from the bin and into the insulated SmartCART 240 ice bin.


Symphony Plus Ice and Water Dispensers

For patient care, laboratory, medical research, dietary, and physical therapy

Form# 3500
Revision Date: 10/1/19
IMS-III sanitizing concentrate

IMS-III sanitizing concentrate for use with all Follett ice machines and ice and water dispensers

Form# 8305
Revision Date: 2/1/20
7 and 15 Series - a new employee favorite
Scale Inhibiting Ice Machines - Horizon Elite

The revolutionary design that protects against scale to substantially reduce life cycle costs

Form# 8375
Revision Date: 4/1/19
Upgrade Your Slope Front - Upright Series

Upgrade from your slope front. Cleaner, fresher ice, SmartGATE ice flow control, and more storage in a smaller footprint.

Form# 8410
Revision Date: 7/1/19
7 Series No More Scooping

No more scoop out bins - use 7 Series undercounter for sanitary ice dispensing

From# 8765
Revision Date: 4/1/20
Ice Dispensers for Coffee Programs

7 and 15 Series ice dispensers, and Symphony Plus ice dispensers, provide the perfect ice for coffee

Revision Date: 8/1/20

Price List

Maintenance Items Price List

Filtration systems and filters, cleaning and sanitation supplies, and Agion grilles - US dollar. Prices effective January 1, 2021.

Form# 6430
Revision Date: 1/1/21