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Specification Sheet

TwinGuard Series Ultra-low temperature chest freezer - 25.3 cu ft capacity

Specifications for FZRC25-ULT-220 TwinGuard Series -86C ultra-low temperature chest freezer

Form# 126847
Revision Date: 3/11/21
Maestro Plus E Series Chewblet Ice Machine for Healthcare

Specifications for Maestro Plus E series (230V/50/1) ice machines for healthcare applications

Form# 1003
Revision Date: 7/1/23
Horizon Elite Chewblet ice machine - remote 3-phase condensing 1400 series

Specification sheet for Horizon Elite 1400 series remote 3-phase condensing ice machines

Form# 1014
Revision Date: 9/8/25
REF4P Performance Plus Undercounter Medical-Grade Refrigerator - ADA-Compatible
Base stand accessory for Symphony Plus countertop ice and water dispensers
Symphony Plus Ice and Water Dispenser - 110 CM series countertop (French)

Specification for Symphony Plus 110 CM series ice and water dispensers (French)

Form# 6660_FRE
Revision Date: 10/1/22
Slope Front Ice Storage Bins (Spanish)

Specifications for slope front ice storage bins (Spanish)

Form# 9135_SPA
Revision Date: 8/1/22
SafeCLEAN Plus Liquid Ice Machine Cleaner

Extends the life of ice machines and improves efficiency

Form# 8295
Revision Date: 2/1/20
Options and accessories for ice storage and transport systems (French)
Single door Ice DevIce ice storage and dispensing systems (Portuguese)
Ice Storage and transport systems with SmartGATE ice shield (German)
Ice Pro DB1000 automatic ice bagging and dispensing system (German)
Double door upright Ice Storage Bins with SmartGATE Ice Shield (Polish)
Horizon Elite self-contained 710 series Chewblet ice machine

Specifications for Horizon Elite 710 series air-cooled ice machines

Form# 8225
Revision Date: 9/1/23
E15 Series countertop and freestanding ice and water dispensers (Russian)
7 and 15 Series Drain Accessory Kit

Specifications for 7 and 15 Series drain accessory kit

Form# 8485
Revision Date: 1/1/19


Symphony Plus maintenance cost-savings

Cleaning and sanitizing savings comparison

Form# 6795
Revision Date: 1/1/21
Ice Storage Bins and Ice Management Systems

Specification sheet for Follett's ice storage and transport systems and accessories

Form# 8590
Revision Date: 11/1/23
Horizon Elite Long Life Design

Only Horizon Elite delivers no bearing failures, reduced ice making loads, and jacketed evaporator

Form# 8385
Revision Date: 5/1/19


Ice Storage and Transport vs other bins

Why choose a Ice Storage and Transport System (ITS)? Faster and safer ice dispensing. Non-mechanical ITS uses gravity to move ice from the bin and into the insulated SmartCART 240 ice bin.