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Specification Sheet

REF4P Performance Plus Undercounter Medical-Grade Refrigerator - ADA-Compatible
Symphony Plus Ice and Water Dispensers Counter Cutout Details
Symphony Plus Ice and Water Dispenser with Chewblet Ice Machine - 25 and 50 CI series countertop
Symphony Plus Ice and Water Dispenser - 110 CM series countertop (Spanish)

Specification for Symphony Plus 110 CM series ice and water dispensers (Spanish)

Form# 6660_SPA
Revision Date: 10/1/22
Slope Front Ice Storage Bins (Italian)

Specifications for slope front ice storage bins (Italian)

Form# 9135_ITA
Revision Date: 4/2/24
Vision VU155N Series ice and water dispenser

Specifications for VU155N ice and chilled water dispenser

Form# 2790
Revision Date: 1/1/24
Correctional package for upright ice storage bins and Ice DevIce ice storage and dispensing systems
Single door Ice DevIce ice storage and dispensing systems (Italian)
Double door Ice DevIce ice storage and dispensing systems (Spanish)
Ice Pro DB650 automatic ice bagging and dispensing system (Portuguese)
Double door upright Ice Storage Bins with SmartGATE Ice Shield (German)
FZRADV25 Follett Advantage Upright Laboratory Freezer (French)

Specifications for Follett Advantage medical-grade laboratory freezer, 25 cu ft capacity

Form# 8950_FRE
Revision Date: 6/1/21
Maestro Plus Self-Contained E Series Chewblet RIDE Ice Machine

Specifications for Maestro Plus E series (230V/50/1) Chewblet ice machines for RIDE applications

Form# 1001
Revision Date: 7/1/23
integral Wi-Fi remote monitoring FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the FollettConnect app and DicksonOne service

Form# 9025
Revision Date: 8/1/23


Ice DevIce ice dispenser bin vs other bins

Why should you choose Ice DevIce storage bin?  It offers more efficient operation, dependable ice freshness and smaller footprint when compared to other bins. Non-mechanical Ice•DevIce's design uses gravity to remove ice from the bin — just open the front chute and ice flows out of the bin and into SmartCART ice cart.

Full Size Refrigerator and Freezer Installation Video
Champion ice and water dispensers

Champion redefines the premium ice machine. Champion ice dispensers are cleaner, easier better -- offering premium Chewblet nugget ice, water, and hot water to enhance any facility break room. 

White Paper

Managing Condensation in Medical-Grade Refrigerators

Considerations for condensate management in the different types of refrigerators used in the storage of medicines, vaccines, mother’s milk, and other medical products.

Form# 8260
Revision Date: 6/1/19


Sanitary Ice Dispensing - Ice DevIce Series

Ice•DevIce uses gravity to eliminate scooping for cleaner, safer ice

Form# 8330
Revision Date: 7/1/18
Ice Pro Sanitary Solution for Worksites

Provide sanitary ice for construction and work sites with Ice Pro

Form# 8770
Revision Date: 5/1/20