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Ice machines, ice dispensers, ice storage and transport bins for foodservice applications

Form# 6800
Revision Date: 8/1/16

For patient care, laboratory, medical research, dietary, and physical therapy

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Revision Date: 2/1/18

Specifications for Symphony Plus ice and water dispensers

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Revision Date: 12/1/17

Technical improvement in Symphony Plus ice and water dispensers and Maestro Plus ice machines

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Revision Date: 9/1/15

Cleaning and sanitizing savings comparison

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Symphony Plus ice and water dispensers offer exclusive sanitary features that support patient safety, easy service, faster and simpler cleaning and maintenance, and  long-term reliability

SensorSAFE™ infrared technology brings a new level of sanitation and convenience to ice dispensing! No contact between container and equipment means less chance of cross-contamination. Available for all Follett Symphony Plus dispensers.

Provide fresh, filtered water with the added benefit of Chewblet nugget ice. Choose from 7 and 15 Series with a sleek design that fits any office break room, or Symphony Plus for high volume break rooms and cafeterias.

Enjoy premium sparkling water, chilled still water, and our signature, consumer-preferred Chewblet ice all in one innovative package with 7 and 15 Series dispensers.

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Specification Sheet

For Symphony Symphony Plus C/E25CI425A and C/E50CI425A, and Symphony C/E 25CT400A, C/E25HT400A, C/E25FB400A, C/E 50CT400A, C/E50HT400A, C/E50FB400A

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Revision Date: 2/1/18


Warranty information for end users within United States and Canada

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Revision Date: 3/1/15