IceDevIce in supermarket
Fill iced displays faster and more safely

Follett's gravity dispense ice storage and transport systems are 15-20 times faster than scooping

  • Gravity replaces the difficult and time consuming process of using a scoop to remove ice from a bin
  • Dispensing directly into carts reduces the spillage that comes from scooping into buckets
  • The included carts move larger quantities of ice from one location to another faster than carrying buckets
woman dispensing ice into bag
Increase your profits on bagged ice

Buying pre-bagged ice?

  • Reduce your costs to about 20¢ per bag with Ice Pro™; save $1000 per year if you buy 250 8 lb bags per week
  • Reliable supply — even on holiday weekends when your ice supplier can't deliver enough ice

Manually bagging ice? 

  • Ice Pro is 85% faster than manually bagging ice (6-8 bags per minute)
  • Ice Pro delivers fresh, clean ice, untouched by human hands


Vision ice and beverage dispenser
Create an upscale beverage station

Go with a low profile Vision™ undercounter dispenser instead of an obtrusive countertop model

  • Keeps sight lines open in island applications
  • The sleek, attractive appearance improves the looks of any fountain area

Use RIDE remote ice delivery equipment to fill your countertop dispenser

  • A Horizon Elite ice machine with RIDE can fill beverage dispensers up to 75 ft away
  • Mount the ice machine in a back room or under a counter and remove the heat and noise from your dining area
Symphony Plus in employee break room
Provide fresh filtered water and ice in your break room
  • Water is an important beverage for employee refreshment. Good hydration is associated with reduced fatigue, higher mental acuity, improved productivity, and better overall health. Adding ice makes for a more appealing beverage
  • Surveys show that over 70% of consumers prefer Chewblet® chewable ice. It's perfect for iced coffee, iced tea, and other cold beverages
  • Follett ice and water dispensers are designed to dispense Chewblet ice directly into your cup to avoid contamination caused by scoop-type machines
  • All Follett ice and water dispensers are designed to be easy to maintain. They can be cleaned by anyone without special tools in less than one hour
  • With over 50 models to choose from, Follett makes an ice and water dispenser for every application
TDS comparison chart
Superior performance in all water conditions

Cost of scale in hard water

  • In high TDS water, machines need to be descaled far more frequently, costing as much as $200 per visit
  • Reverse osmosis is an expensive alternative to frequent descaling
  • Neglecting descaling can significantly shorten equipment life

How does Horizon Elite remove TDS?

  • The incoming water at the front of the evaporator forces high TDS water to the reservoir at the back of the machine where it's expelled in small volume flushes
  • The result is high quality ice with a fraction of the water that cube ice machines use.

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