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Horizon Elite 710 ice machine

Horizon Elite™ 710 series ice machine


Horizon Elite series ice machines offer foodservice operators a low cost of ownership and superior performance even in the most challenging water conditions. Horizon Elite’s design dramatically reduces scale build-up and the associated costs of scale mitigation, all while using 35-50% less water than comparable cube-type ice machines. Horizon Elite produces purer ice for trouble-free dispensing.

Remote monitoring with Open Kitchen™
Provided in partnership with Powerhouse Dynamics (separate subscription required)

  • real-time alerts and notifications
  • remote diagnostics to maximize equipment uptime
  • connects with equipment across other Middleby brands
Product Details

Production: 759 lbs (345 kg)

Ice Type: Chewblet and Micro Chewblet

Width: 22.70" (57.7 cm)

Condenser Type: Self-contained air-cooled

IMDV Capable: No

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Specification Sheet

Specifications for Horizon Elite 710 series air-cooled ice machines

Form# 8225
Revision Date: 3/15/24


Sleep Cycle senses ice usage, optimizing ice machine ON/OFF cycles for improved durability and up-time

Form# 8795
Revision Date: 11/1/22

IoT Connection for Horizon Elite™ ice machines powered by Open Kitchen™

Form# 1026
Revision Date: 8/1/23
Technical Documentation and Videos

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions - Sleep Cycle kit for top Mount applications

Form# 01478577R01
Revision Date: 2/1/23

Water filter systems
Item# 00130229 Standard capacity
Item# 00978957 High capacity filter system

Replacement cartridges
Item# 00130245 Standard capacity water filter cartridge – primary, single
Item# 00954297 Standard capacity water filter cartridge – primary, carton of 6
Item# 00978965 High capacity water filter cartridge – primary, single
Item# 00978973 High capacity water filter cartridge – primary, carton of 6
Item# 00130211 Water pre-filter cartridge (all capacities) – pre-filter, single
Item# 00954305 Water pre-filter cartridge (all capacities) – pre-filter, carton of 12

Ice Transport Tube Kits
Insulated polywire transport tube for RIDE ice machine installations requiring more than the standard 10 ft (3 m) length
Item# 01252477 Ice transport tube kit, 15 ft (4.6 m)
Item# 01252485 Ice transport tube kit, 20 ft (6.1 m) 
Item# 01252493 Ice transport tube kit, 30 ft (9.2 m)
Item# 01242501 Ice transport tube kit, 40 ft (12.2 m)
Item# 01252519 Ice transport tube kit, 50 ft (15.3 m)
Item# 01252527 Ice transport tube kit, 60 ft (18.3 m)
Item# 01413053 Ice transport tube kit, 75 ft (22.9 m)
Item# 01252543 Ice transport tube kit, 100 ft (30.5 m)

Other accessories
Item# 00997080 Ice machine stand, height-adjustable
Item# 00997098 Wall mount bracket
Item# 00967265 Timer to control one or two Horizon or Horizon Elite ice machines
Item# 01147826 SafeCLEAN Plus, liquid, 1 x 8 oz bottles
Item# 01149954 SafeCLEAN Plus, liquid, 6 x 8 oz bottles
Item# 01149962 SafeCLEAN Plus, liquid, carton of 24 x 8 oz bottles
Item# 00979674 Nu-Calgon® IMS-III sanitizer, single 16 oz bottle
Item# 01038652 Nu-Calgon IMS-III sanitizer, case of 12 x 16 oz bottles

Remote monitoring subscription for Open Kitchen
Item# MDD-1003 For first piece of equipment at location
Item# MDD-1004 For subsequent pieces of equipment at location

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