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Specification Sheet

FZR20 Upright -30C Plasma Freezer

Specifications for medical-grade -30C plasma freezer, 19.7 cu ft capacity

Form# 8075
Revision Date: 3/1/23
Symphony Plus Ice and Water Dispenser with Chewblet Ice Machine - 12 HI series wall mount (French)
Symphony Plus Ice and Water Dispenser with Chewblet Ice Machine - 110 CT series countertop (Spanish)
Slope Front Ice Storage Bins (French)

Specifications for slope front ice storage bins (French)

Form# 9135_FRE
Revision Date: 4/2/24
Horizon Elite Chewblet ice machines for marine applications

Specifications for Horizon 1010 and 1410 marine series ice machines

Form# 7045
Revision Date: 6/6/24
Single door upright ice storage bins with SmartGATE ice shield (Portuguese)
Single door Ice DevIce ice storage and dispensing systems
Double door Ice DevIce ice storage and dispensing systems (Polish)
Ice Pro DB650 automatic ice bagging and dispensing system (French)
Symphony Plus Ice and Water Dispenser with Chewblet Ice Machine - C25 and C50 CI series countertop
Ice storage and transport systems with wider base

Specifications for ITS-WB series ice storage and transport systems

Form# 3685
Revision Date: 10/1/22
Cryogenic freezer - 8.2 cu ft capacity

Specifications for FZRC8-220 -150C cryogenic freezer

Form# 12602
Revision Date: 4/6/21
REFVAC Undercounter Vaccine Refrigerators

Specifications for Performance Plus undercounter vaccine refrigerators, 3.9 cu ft an 4.5 cu ft

Form# 9055
Revision Date: 7/1/23
Maestro Plus Self-Contained E Series Chewblet RIDE Ice Machine (French)

Specifications for Maestro Plus E series (230V/50/1) Chewblet ice machines for RIDE applications (French)

Form# 1001
Revision Date: 7/1/23


Upright ice storage bin vs slope front bins

What are the advantages of choosing a Follett upright ice storage bin over a slope front bin? You can give your customers cleaner, safer ice while saving valuable floor space.


Guidelines for Optimal Performance – Follett Ice and Water Dispensers

Practices to help you achieve the best possible experience with your Follett ice and water dispenser. Includes installation, setup and use, cleaning and sanitizing, maintenance, and water treatment.

Form# 8195
Revision Date: 10/1/19
Ice Production Goes Further Ice Manager

Send ice from one Horizon Elite ice machine to two dispense points

Form# 8415
Revision Date: 8/1/19
Champion ice machines

Introducing Champion - redefining the premium ice machine

Form# 1038
Revision Date: 9/29/23
Performance Plus Undercounter Medical-Grade Refrigeration

Installation Services

Pre-installation survey for refrigerators and freezers

Checklist of site requirements for refrigerators and freezers

Form# 8285
Revision Date: 11/1/22