Refrigerators and Freezers

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High-performance upright pharmacy refrigerators and freezers are engineered for precise temperature control. Powerful forced air refrigeration system with back plenum air distribution delivers cold air to six different levels within the storage chamber, ensuring consistent cabinet-wide cooling. Intuitive alarming and display interface provide added security for maintaining sensitive pharmaceuticals.
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Refrigerators and Freezers

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Follett Performance Plus undercounter refrigerators and freezers provide superior high-performance temperature control. Designed for use below standard and lower ADA-compatible counters, Follett Performance Plus delivers outstanding reliability and user-valued features that set us apart from the competition. Heavy-duty forced air cooling delivers consistent temperatures and quick recovery to maintain your valuable medications and vaccines at the right temperature.

Refrigerators and Freezers

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Ideal for small storage needs, Follett forced-air countertop refrigerators and freezers offer superior temperature performance in space-saving configurations. Both 1 and 2 cubic foot models fit on standard 24” deep counters. External digital temperature display in user-selectable F or C offers integral high/low alarming and a sleep mode to turn off temperature display.

Follett Vaccine Storage

Vaccine Storage

Disease prevention is key to public health, and following CDC vaccine storage and handling recommendations will help you deliver the highest quality of patient care. Ensuring the use of proper cold storage systems designed to maintain the required temperature ranges of sensitive and expensive vaccines is a priority for the CDC. Following the new CDC guidelines will help ensure the effectiveness of vaccines, and reduce costs associated with discarded vaccines and revaccination. Read our white paper to learn how medical-grade refrigeration is specially designed to assist with vaccine storage.

Temperature Consistency
on Every Level

Blocked airflow in other manufacturers’ refrigerators and freezers could leave areas out of temperature. Follett’s patented dual-duct air delivery system distributes air evenly at every level to keep the entire cabinet in-temperature, protecting your valuable temperature-critical items.

Read a case study to learn how Follett's cabinet-wide temperature consistency became a game-changer for a medical center's critical pharmaceutical cold storage needs.