Full size combination 14.7 cu ft refrigerator/6.2 cu ft freezer
Full size combination refrigerator/freezer - door open

Pharmaceutical Combination 14.7 cu ft Refrigerator/6.2 cu ft Freezer


The PHCbi brand space-saving cabinet combines both refrigerator and freezer functions within a single footprint. It is designed for use as a pharmaceutical or vaccine refrigerator or a biomedical or general use freezer. The slim profile permits quick access to all products. Because less lab floor space is required, this model can be located in narrow hallways.

Product Details

Height: 75.2" (191.0 cm)
Width:  35.4" (90.0 cm)
Depth: 28.1" (71.5 cm)
Refrigerator Capacity:  14.7 cu ft (415 L)
Freezer Capacity: 6.2 cu ft (176 L)


Specification Sheet

Specifications for REFFZR21-GS pharmaceutical refrigerator/freezer

Form# 12620
Revision Date: 2/17/21

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