Follett combination refrigerator and freezer REFFZR9 glass door
Follett combination refrigerator and freezer REFFZR9-ss solid door

Pharmaceutical Combination 6.3 cu ft Refrigerator/2.8 cu ft Freezer


The PHCbi brand pharmaceutical refrigerator with freezer combines high-performance refrigeration with a -30°C freezer in a single cabinet for reliable and convenient vaccine and biological material storage. Refrigerated and frozen products can be stored within a single footprint. Natural refrigerants minimize environmental impact for a sustainable storage solution.

Product Details

Height: 71.2" (181.0 cm)
Width:  20.0" (51.0 cm)
Depth: 25.1" (64.0 cm)
Refrigerator Capacity:  6.3 cu ft (179 L)
Freezer Capacity: 2.8 cu ft (80 L)


Specification Sheet

Specifications for REFFZR9-GS and REFFZR9-SS pharmaceutical refrigerator/freezer

Form# 12839
Revision Date: 9/1/21

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