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How to use SensorSAFE

SensorSAFE™ infrared technology brings a new level of sanitation and convenience to ice dispensing! No contact between container and equipment means less chance of cross-contamination. Available for all Follett Symphony Plus dispensers.

Comparative Ice Melting Study - Beverage in a cup

Follett challenged the perception that nugget ice melts faster than cube ice and therefore doesn't cool drinks as well. We filled two cups with ice, added soda, and watched them melt. The result? Consumers filling cups with ice and then adding fountain soda will see similar ice melting time from Chewblet ice as from cube ice.

Specification Sheet

Single door upright ice storage bins for scale icemakers- E-SG series
E7 Series undercounter ice and water dispenser (Polish)

Specification for E7UC100A and E7UD100A ice and water dispensers

Form# 5050_POL
Revision Date: 9/1/22
VIP ECO Series Ultra-low temperature upright freezer - 18.6 cu ft capacity

Specifications for FZR19-ULT-220 and FZR19-ULT-115 VIP ECO Series -86C ultra-low temperature upright freezer

Form# 12600
Revision Date: 2/12/21
REFADV5 Follett Advantage Undercounter Medical-Grade Refrigerator

Specifications for Follett Advantage undercounter medical-grade freezer, 4.7 cu ft capacity

Form# 8455
Revision Date: 5/7/24
Champion 7 undercounter ice and water dispenser

Specifications for Champion 7 undercounter ice and water dispenser

Form# 8900
Revision Date: 6/3/24
Infinity Series upright plasma freezers

Specifications for Infinity Series variable speed upright plasma freezers

Form# 1053
Revision Date: 6/21/24
SensorSAFE Dispensing

Specifications SensorSAFE infrared dispensing with Symphony Plus series ice and water dispensers

Form# 6685
Revision Date: 4/1/19
Symphony Plus Ice and Water Dispenser with Chewblet Ice Machine - 25 and 50 HI series wall mount (Spanish)
Slope Front Bins

Specifications for slope front ice storage bins

Form# 9135
Revision Date: 4/2/24
Single door upright ice storage bins with SmartGATE ice shield (Italian)
Options and accessories for ice storage and transport systems (Portuguese)
Double door Ice DevIce ice storage and dispensing systems (German)
Ice Storage and transport systems with SmartGATE ice shield (Spanish)


Customer-Preferred Chewblet Ice

Offer customer-preferred Chewblet ice.  Keep customers coming back for more and join in on the profits.

Form# 8350
Revision Date: 2/1/19
More Ice, Less Space - Symphony Plus

Up to 425 lbs of ice per day, space-saving design, efficient and easy to service

Form# 8405
Revision Date: 7/1/19
Horizon Elite Sales Brochure

Features and benefits of Horizon Elite ice machines with the revolutionary design that protects against scale-prone water to substantially reduce life cycle cost

Form# 7000
Revision Date: 6/1/18

Price List

Ice Machines and Dispensers April 1, 2024 Euro List Pricing

Prices in Euros. Prices effective April 1, 2024. Revised May 15, 2024.

Form# 2435
Revision Date: 5/15/24

White Paper

Compliance with CDC Guidelines for Vaccine Storage